Slinger Speedway August 21st

Slinger Speedway August 21st Carnage
August 21, 2016

Sunday night was a night we'd rather forget.

We had a late start due to rain showers, and scurried to get the car dialed in.

The previous night the track held their annual Slamfest, which Dad and sis attended.

After the evnt, the track is washed down, and a season's worth of rubber is cleaned off. We set up the car for the rubber that has been building all year, and boom, it is gone.

In time trials, we got 18th in time.

In the heat race, we almost won, finishing a close second in the tune up for the feature.

In the Feature race, Grant felt comfortable but another car was not and he dumped the 17 car, ending our night early in 19th place.

We will rebound this Sunday and get the 17 to the front!