Slinger Speedway July 4th Special

Slinger Speedway July 4th Special July 4, 2016

Sunday we headed to Slinger Speedway for their Firecracker 75 holiday special.

The pits had some new cars as the teams from different series start to prepare for the Slinger Nationals, and a few good cars were left in the pits to watch the big race.

We fortunatly timed in 15th which automatically advanced us to the feature event.

In the heat race, we took 4th place in a tight event.

After this, the team made a few minor adjustments to the 17 machine, and it was feature time.

As we were given the command to start the engines, Grant noticed the radio was silent.

The green flag dropped and still silent, he labored on without his spotter or crew guiding him around the track.

The end result was a 15th place finish after a 15th place start, a car in 1 piece and a young racecar driver showing he has the ability to take matters into his own hands and finish a big race.