Warm weekend. Lukewarm results

Warm weekend. Lukewarm results June 20, 2016

The heat of summer is here, and the GT team started it off with a Friday night trip to Oregon, WI and the Madison International Speedway.

The field of NASCAR late models was large, and we started with a 2nd place finish in the heat race.

In the nightcap, we had a few minor tussles and the 17 car crossed under the checkers in 12th place.

Sunday we went north to Slinger Speedway, and in the heat of the day during practice, the car was a tick loose so adjustments were made for time trials.

We had an early draw, but still managed the 7th best time.

We raced to a 5th in the heat race and 7th in the 60 lap main event that was pretty much incedent free with 2 quick yellows.

Have a great week everybody and we'll see you this weekend!