Dells Faloween

Dells Faloween October 24, 2020

After a Spetember reainout at the Dells, we headed out for their season ending Alive for 5 150 lap race.

Lots of good cars here made it a tough race to make and Grant wheeled the 17 into the show based on his time trials.

Moving up as far as 8th, a few close calls and a really questionable restart near the end dropped us back to a 10th place result.

We'd like to congradulate Casey Johnson on his Alive for 5 title and thank him for his help this season.

Conrad, hope you thawed out, and thank you for all you do, as well as the crew and all our great sponsors!

We'll let you know in spring what our plans for 2021 are.

Have a warm and safe winter!