Slinger Speedway

Slinger Speedway August 25, 2019


We were 4th car out to time and Grant turned an 11.221 lap.

One by one, the cars tried to beat his time, and right at the end of the line, Brad Mueller beat us, so we were 2nd in time trials.

In the dash, we started and finished 5th.

In the main event, the GT17 was sailing to the front, settling in 3rd for several laps watching the first 2 cars battle for the lead.

Suddenly, with about 30 laps to go in the 75 lap feature, sparks started to appear under the car and Grant backpedalled to a 12th place finish.

When he pulled the car into the pit, the Right Front tire was flat.

We have this Sunday night's 100 lapper with fireworks, then we'll see what year end specials we'll compete in.

Thanks for all the fan support, and the hard working crew.

See you Sunday!