Nationals and White Race

Nationals and White Race July 12, 2018

We started out Tuesday at the Slinger Speedway.

The cars in the pit area were some of the best, and we had to qualify in the top 12 to avoid racing our way in.

We did it!

We qualified 8th with an 11.293

In the main event, we completed all 200 laps in 12th place with a decent car but seemed to be battling a lot of lapped cars that disrupted our race pace, but happy to finish all 200 laps.

On Thursday, we headed north to WIR in Kaukauna for the White race of the Red White and Blue series.

Grant struggled a bit in timing, and had to race his way in to make the 60 lap feature.

He won the heat race and then the semi feature to advance to the big race.

We advanced a few spots, fell back then moved to the front but 13th was all we could muster in the race.

We are off at Slinger this week and will focus on getting a good qualifying lap at Kaukauna.


In the photo, Bruce Nuttleman captured the start of the 2018 Slinger Nationals