Final tune up for Slinger Nationals

Final tune up for Slinger Nationals July 9, 2017

Another hot summer night at Slinger Speedway, with rain all around exceot at the track, and Grant wheeled the GT Racing 17 car to 3rd in time trials.

In the heat race, we took 6th and felt good about the 60 lap main event.

We went green, surrounded by some very fast cars, and 1 car that couldn't control the speed and tagged us.

We had to go to the back of the field, and we charged back towards the front.

Overdriving the car shrunk the left rear tire and made the car a handful at the end, and we faded to a 9th place finish with a 5th place car.

Tuesday, July 18th is the Slinger Nationals, with over 10,000 dollars to win.

Wish us luck. Better yet. Come cheer us on!